220+ Female French Cat Names With Meanings

Are you looking for a uniquely female French name for a new feline addition? We have collated a list of classic female French names, food, places, and notable French people to help you find the perfect name for your cat.



Abrial Open, secure
Adélaïde Noble
Adele Noble (French form of Adelaide)
Adeline Noble (French diminutive of Adele)
Adrienne From the city of Hadria
Agathe Kind
Aglaé Splendor
Aimée Beloved
Alizée Trade wind
Allura To entice
Alouette Lark
Alize Noble one
Ambre Amber
Amélie Work (French form of Amelia)
Amour Love
Anaëlle Favour or grace
Anaïs Grace
Andrée French feminine form of Andrew
Angelique French diminutive of Angela
Annabelle Loving
Annette Gracious
Antoinette Priceless one
Ariane Most holy
Arielle Lion of God
Arlette Honour, noble
Aubrey Elf ruler
Aurore Dawn
Avril French variation of April
Babette My God is my oath
Béatrice She who makes me happy
Beline Goddess
Bellamy Fine friend
Belle Beautiful (short form of Isabelle)
Bénédicte Blessed
Benilde Good
Benoît Blessed
Bernadette French female form of Bernard
Bertille Heroine
Bijou Jewel
Blanche White
Bleu Blue
Brielle Hunting grounds
Brigitte Strength
Cadeau Gift
Camille Young ceremonial attendant
Cantrelle Song
Caprice Impulsive change of mind
Capucine Nasturtium
Caroline Strong
Cécile Feminine form of Cecil
Céleste Heavenly, from the sky
Celie Blind
Céline Heavenly
Cerise Cherry
Chanel Dweller near the canal
Chantal Boulder
Chantilly White
Chatte Cat
Cher Beloved
Cherie Darling
Ciel Sky
Cinderella Little ash girl
Citron Lemon
Clarisse Shining  and gentle
Claudette Feminine form of Claude
Claudine Lame
Clémence Mild, merciful
Clementine Mild, merciful
Coco (Chanel) French fashion designer
Colette People of victory, famous French author and cat lover
Coralie Coral
Coraline Coral
Corbeau Raven
Corinne Maiden
Cosette Little thing
Curtis Polite
Damica Open, friendly
Danique Morning star
Darcy Dark one
Delphine Dolphin
Desi Desired
Doré Gilded
Dory Gift of God
Edmée French feminine form of Edmund
Edwige Female warrior
Églantine Wild rose
Elise Pledged to God
Elodie Foreign riches
Eloise Healthy, wide
Emmanuelle God is with us
Emmeline Work (French form of Emma and Emily)
Enora Sweetly speaking
Eponine French literary name
Ermine Weasel
Esmé Beloved
Estelle Star
Étoile Star
Eulalie Sweet speaking
Fabienne Bean grower
Fabiola Bean grower
Faustine Lucky
Fayette Little fairy
Fifi Diminutive of Josephine
Flavie Yellow-haired
Fleur Flower
Frostine Freezing
Gabrielle God is my strength
Garnet Pomegranate
Gay Joyful
Genevieve Tribe woman
Geraldine Ruler with a spear
Gervaise Skilled with a spear
Ghislaine Pledge
Gisele Pledge
Gwenaëlle Blessed and generous
Harriet Estate ruler
Héloïse Healthy, wide
Henrietta Estate ruler
Inès French form of Agnes
Isabelle Pledged to God
Janvier January
Jeune Young
Joëlle Jehovah is God
Jolie Pretty
Josephine Jehovah increases
Juliet Youthful, downy haired
Julienne Youthful
Juliette Little Julia
Justine Fair
Laetitia Joy, happiness
Laverne Spring-like
Leelee Short form of Liliane
Léonie Lion
Leontine Lion
Liana To climb a vine
Lilou Pet form of Liliane
Linnet Flaxen-haired
Lionel Young lion
Lisette Pledged to God
Livie Envy
Loane Bright
Lorraine From the province of Lorraine
Luce Bright
Lucida Lucid, clear
Lucille Light
Ludivine People’s friend
Lunette Warrior
Lya Weary
Madeline French form of Magdalen
Maëlie Chief or prince
Maelle, Mael Chief or prince
Maia Good mother
Mallory Unfortunate
Manette Diminutive of Marie
Manu God is with us
Marceline Little warrior
Mardi Tuesday
Margaux French spelling variation of Margo
Margot French diminutive of Margaret
Marguerite French diminutive of Margaret
Marjolaine French form of marjoram
Marian, Marianne Star of the sea, grace
Marthe Lady
Martine Warlike
Mauve Mauve coloured
Maximilien The greatest
Mélina Honey
Mercer Merchant
Merle Blackbird
Miette Pearl, little one
Mignon Delicate
Mimi Diminutive of Mary, Miriam
Minette Star of the sea, kitten
Minou Kitty
Mirabelle Marvellous
Mireille To admire
Monique Advisor
Mylène Beloved moon
Nadine Hope (French form of Nadia)
Ninon Grace
Noelle Christmas
Noely Variation of Noel
Odette Wealthy
Odilia Wealth, fortune
Ophélie French variation of Ophelia
Oriane Sunrise
Ottilie Prosperous in battle (feminine variation of Otto,
Page Attendant
Penelope (Pussycat) Name, and character from Loony Tunes cartoons featuring the French skunk Pepé le pew
Perrine Rock
Pierrette Rock
Pomeline Apple
Prue Tailor
Raine Queen
Reinette Little queen
Remy Oarsman
Rene Reborn
Robina Feminine variation of Robin
Romilly Citizen of Rome
Rosalie Rose
Roselle Rose blossom
Roux Russet
Sabine French form of Sabina
Salomé Peace
Sandrine Protector of
Satine Shiny, smooth
Seraphine Burning ones
Severine Stern
Sidonie From Sidon
Simone To be heard
Sixtine Sixth
Solange Solemn
Soleil Sun
Solstice When the sun stands still
Sophie French variation of Sophia
Sylvie From the forest
Tali Dew
Vianne French blend of Vivian and Ann
Vallis From Wales
Vanill Vanilla
Vedette Leading actor
Vianne Alive
Yvette Yew wood
Zélie Noble
Zenaida The life of Zeus
Zerline Beautiful dawn

Feature image: pszmajduch, Pixabay


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