180+ Male French Cat Names With Meanings

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  • Are you looking for a uniquely male French name for a new feline addition? We have collated a list of classic French names, food, places, and notable French people to help you find the perfect name for your cat.



    Achille Thin lipped
    Adélard Noble and brave
    Aimé Beloved
    Alain Little rock
    Alban White
    Alcide Strength
    Alexandre Defending men
    Alphonse Noble and ready
    Amable Lovable
    André Strong and manly
    Anse Cove
    Apollinaire Father lion
    Aramis French literary name
    Armand Soldier
    Armel Prince
    Aubin Blonde
    Ballou From Bellou
    Baptiste Baptist
    Basile Regal
    Bastien Person from the ancient city of Sebastien
    Beau Handsome
    Benoît Blessed
    Bertrand Magnificent crow
    Bevis Son of Evan
    Blaise To lisp, stammer
    Bleu Blue
    Bonaparte, Napoleon French military leader
    Boniface Good fate
    Bouvier Herdsman
    Bretton From Brittany
    Chandler Candle maker
    Chaney Oak tee
    Charlot French nickname for Charles
    Chat Cat
    Chase To hunt
    Claiborne Boundary with clover
    Claude Lame
    Côme Decency, order
    Constantin Constant, steadfast
    Corbeau Raven
    Corneille Horn
    Croix Cross
    Cyrille Lordly
    Darcy Dark one
    Darrell Dear one
    Dax French place name
    Delmore Of the sea
    Delroy Servant of the king
    Dieudonné Given by God
    Diggory Lost one
    Dimanche Sunday
    Drury Dear one
    Dumas Of the little farm
    Duval Of the valley
    Élie My god is Yahweh
    Elouan Good light
    Émile Rival
    Étienne Garland, crown (French form of Stephen)
    Fabien Bean
    Fabrice Craftsman
    Fabron Young blacksmith
    Faron Handsome servant
    Faustin Lucky
    Fayette Faith
    Fermin Strong
    Florent Flourishing
    Florian Flower
    Florin Flower, flourishing
    Fort Strong
    Francis Frenchman
    François French variation of Francis
    Gable Triangular feature in architecture
    Gage Oath
    Garson To protect
    Gaspard Bringer of treasure
    Gaylord Brisk, high spirited
    Gérard Brave spear
    Germaine From Germany
    Gervaise Skilled with a spear
    Gustave Glorious guests
    Gwenhael Generous and blessed
    Henri Home ruler
    Hercule Glory
    Hervé Battle worthy
    Hubert Bright heart
    Isidore Gift from Aset
    Jacques Supplanter
    Janvier January
    Jean God is gracious
    Jean-Luc God is gracious and from Lucania
    Jean-Paul God is gracious and small and humble
    Joachim Raised by God
    Joffrey District of peace
    Jules Downy bearded
    Lafayette Faith
    Lanier Wool worker
    Laurent French form of Lawrence
    Lazare God is my helper
    Leandre Lion-man
    Lebron Brown haired one
    Léon Lion
    Leroy The king
    Loïc Famous battle
    Loup Wolf
    Lucien Light
    Luis Renowned warrior
    Lyle Someone who lives on an island
    Maison House
    Marcel Little warrior
    Marcellus Young warrior
    Maurice Dark skinned
    Merle Blackbird
    Montague Pointy hill
    Nazaire From Nazareth
    Neville New town
    Nicéphore Carrying victory
    Noel Christmas
    Norris Northerner
    Nouvel New
    Octave Eighth
    Odilon Wealth, fortune
    Olivier Olive tree
    Orville Gold town
    Paladin Of the palace
    Pascal From the passover
    Patrice Nobleman
    Philbert Dear, beloved
    Philippe Friend of horses
    Pierre French variation of Peter
    Percival One who pierces the valley
    Percy One who lives in the valley
    Placide Quiet, calm
    Quane Clever
    Quay Wharf
    Quentin Five
    Rainer Army advisor
    Ranger Forest guardian
    Raoul Wolf-counsel
    Régis Royal
    Rémy Oarsman
    Renard Fox
    Rene Reborn
    Romain Roman
    Ronan Little seal
    Russell Red haired
    Sacha Defending warrior
    Seraph The burning one
    Séraphin Fiery one
    Sorrel Reddish brown
    Sylvain Wood, forest
    Télesphore Bearing fruit
    Terre Earth
    Thierry Ruler of the people
    Thoreau Strength of a bull
    Timéo To honour
    Toussaint All saints
    Travis Tollgate keeper
    Vachel One who raises cows
    Vardon Green knoll
    Vermont Green mountain
    Vespasian West or wasp
    Vidal Vital, life
    Vrai True
    Yanis Gift of God
    Yann God is gracious
    Yves Yew wood
    Zachalie French variation of Zachary

    Feature image: Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash


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