230 Spanish Cat Names (With Meanings)

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  • Spanish cat names and meanings for male and female cats. Are you looking for a unique Spanish name for a new cat? We have handpicked 230 Spanish names to help you find the perfect name for your cat.




    Abad Priest Male
    Abigeal The father’s rejoice Female
    Abril Spanish form of April Female
    Acela A flower from God Female
    Acha Holly bushes of plants Unisex
    Adán Spanish form of Adam, son of the red earth Male
    Addis Son of Adam Male
    Adelio Noble Female
    Adriano Person from Hadria Male
    Agata Good at heart Female
    Aina Beautiful eyed woman Female
    Aixa Alive Female
    Alanzo Ready for battle Male
    Aletia Truthful one, caring Female
    Alicia Noble Female
    Alona Light, dear child, oak tree Female
    Alondra Helper of mankind Female
    Alonzo Ready Male
    Alvaro Guardian Male
    Alvera Speaker of the truth Female
    Anahi One who answers Female
    Antolin Sunrise Male
    Aristo Best Male
    Aristos Best Male
    Arlet Noble, honour Female
    Arlo Between two hills Male
    Arlow Barberry tree Male
    Aryo Fierce Male
    Atreo King Male
    Aureo Gold Male
    Aya Colour, beautiful Female
    Azure Sky blue Unisex
    Bahia Bay Female
    Baila Dance Female
    Baja Lower Female
    Balea Carefree Unisex
    Barto Bright Male
    Basa Wood, forest Male
    Baya Berry Female
    Beltran Bright raven Male
    Benita Blessed, good person Female
    Benita Blessed, good person Female
    Benito Blessed, good person Male
    Berilo Bright green gemstone Male
    Berta Bright Female
    Berto Bright Male
    Bertran Bright and famous raven Male
    Bolivar Mighty Male
    Bonito A good little one Male
    Braulio Shining Male
    Calida Warm and loving Female
    Canyon Footpath Male
    Carlito A dear little boy Male
    Carlo Free man Male
    Carlos Free man Male
    Catalina Pure Female
    Cedro Strong gift Male
    Cerda Hair, bristle Male
    Cesar Head of hair Male
    Chano Level or flat Male
    Chara Joy Female
    Charo Variant of Rosa Female
    Checo Small child Male
    Cheyo Level or flat Male
    Chico Boy Male
    Chiquita Little gift Female
    Chiro Sacred name Male
    Cielo Sky Unisex
    Cierra Black, saw, mountain Female
    Ciro Sun Unisex
    Constanza Constant Female
    Cristano Gold flower Male
    Cruzito Cross Male
    Dama Little noblewoman Female
    Dante Lasting, enduring Male
    Delmar Of the sea Male
    Delmore Of the sea Male
    Diego Supplanter Male
    Dita Strife for wealth Female
    Dolores Lady of sorrows Female
    Efi Fruitful Male
    Efrain Fruitful Male
    Elado Born in Greece Male
    Elena Shining light Female
    Elian Light Male
    Elisa God is a promise Female
    Elvira White or beautiful Female
    Emilia Rival Female
    Emiliana Rival Female
    Erico Home ruler Male
    Eron Mountain of strength Male
    Esmeralda Emerald Female
    Estevan Crown or garland Male
    Evita Little Eva Female
    Fernando Daring, adventurous Male
    Flip Friend of horses Male
    Fonz Ready for battle Male
    Fonzo Ready for battle Male
    Francisca From France Female
    Francisco Free man Male
    Galleta Biscuit Unisex
    Galo From Gaul Male
    Gata Cat in Spanish Female
    Gato Cat in Spanish Male
    Gomez Son of Gome Male
    Hairo Sacred name Male
    Hiro Sacred name Male
    Hernan Adventurous Male
    Hugo Mind, intellect Male
    Inés Pure, virginal Female
    Isabella Pledged to God Female
    Itzel Star of the aurora sky Female
    Jacinta Hyacinth Female
    Jacinth Beautiful Unisex
    Jade Stone Female
    Jair He enlightens Male
    Javi Bright Male
    Joaquin God will judge Male
    Josefina God shall add Female
    Juan God is gracious Male
    Juana God is gracious Female
    Juanita God is gracious Female
    Kiki From the caster plant Female
    Kortez Courteous Male
    Kruz Cross Male

    Joy Female
    Ligia Musical Female
    Lindy Beautiful Unisex
    Lippo Friend of horses Male
    Lola Lady of sorrows Female
    Lonza Ready for battle Male
    Luiza Royal combat Female
    Luz Light Female
    Macedonio From Macedonia Male
    Mahogony Dark red wood Female
    Mannie Life Male
    Manolo God is with us Male
    Manuel God is with us Male
    Marcelino Young warrior Male
    Marco Warlike Male
    Mariano Manly Male
    Mateo Gift of God Male
    Maya Water Female
    Mercedes Gracious gifts Female
    Mesa Table Female
    Miguel Who is like God Male
    Mila Miracles Female
    Mitra Crown of thorns Male
    Mitzy Woman who wished for a child Female
    Moa Someone who is lovable Female
    Monte Mountain Male
    Montez Mountain Male
    Mora Mulberry fruit Female
    Morena Brown-haired Female
    Nacha The fire Female
    Nacho The fire Male
    Naldo Strong Male
    Natalino Birthday Male
    Neneh Little girl Female
    Nerida Sea nymph Female
    Neva Snow Female
    Nevada Snow capped Male
    Nilo God is my judge Male
    Nina Little girl Female
    Oleos Holy oil Male
    Olva Olive tree Female
    Orland Land of Gold Male
    Oro Golden Male
    Ortiz Brave, strong Male
    Osana Health Female
    Otilio Wealthy and fortunate person Male
    Oto Wealthy person Male
    Paco Free Male
    Paloma Dove Female
    Paz Peace Unisex
    Pedro Rock Male
    Pepe Jehovah increases Male
    Pepito Jehovah increases Male
    Perez Son of Pedro Male
    Peta Golden eagle Female
    Pippo Horse lover Male
    Pirro One with flame coloured hair Unisex
    Pitín A form of Felix Male
    Presta Hurry Female
    Puma Mountain lion Female
    Pura Pure and gentle Female
    Quinto Fifth Male
    Rafael God has healed Male
    Ramona Protecting hands Female
    Rayo Bright Female
    Reno Short for Moreno Male
    Reyna Counsel Female
    Reyni Kings Male
    Rico Strong and firm ruler Male
    Rio River Unisex
    Roce One who is hard as a rock Male
    Ruben Behold, a son Male
    Salvadora Saviour Female
    Sanche Blessed one Unisex
    Sancho Truthful and sincere Male
    Santana Holy Unisex
    Sante Holy Male
    Santino The saints Male
    Santo Holy on Male
    Santos Saint Unisex
    Sergio An attendant, servant Male
    Soline Sunlight Female
    Soto Grove Male
    Tadeo Gift of God Male
    Tajo River Male
    Tejón Badger Unisex
    Teo God Male
    Tessa Harvester Unisex
    Teyo God Male
    Thia Flower Female
    Tia Aunt Female
    Tiko Little brother Male
    Tino Little one Male
    Toli One who ploughs the field Male
    Tota Free man Male
    Toya Door into the valley Female
    Trinidad From Trinity Male
    Tula Leaping water Female
    Ula Gem of the sea Female
    Vida Life Male
    Vido Life Male
    Xavi New house Male
    Xavier New house Male
    Yola Violet flower Female
    Yolanda Violet flower Female
    Zanetta God’s gift Female
    Zephir West wind Male
    Zoilo Life Male


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