What is a Group of Cats Called?

What is a group of cats called?

A group of cats is called a clowder, this word is believed to be a variation of clutter, from the word clott, which means round mass or lump. A much less used term is a ‘glaring‘, however, there is little information available on the etymology of this word or when it fell out of use. The term clowder only applies to groups of three or more cats.

Are there words to describe groups of big cats?

Yes, groups of big cats also have their own collection of words:

  • Lions: Pride, troop
  • Jaguars: Shadow, prowl
  • Leopards: Leap
  • Tigers: Streak, hide, ambush
  • Cheetahs: Coalition

Overview of cat terms



Variations or old terms

Entire female cat Queen (female used for breeding) Molly, doe
Entire male cat Tomcat, stud (male used for breeding) Boar, ram
Desexed male cat Neuter (also applies to desexed female cats) Gib
Desexed female cat Spay Neuter
Group of cats Clowder Cluster, clutter, glaring, pounce
Group of kittens Kindle
Litter (kittens from the same mother)
Group of feral cats Colony Dowt, dout, destruction
Old female cat Grimalkin
Person who loves cats Ailurophile
Person afraid of cats Ailurophobe
Female parent of kittens Dam
Male parent of kittens Sire



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