200+ Italian Names For Male Cats (With Meanings)

Are you looking for an Italian themed name for a male cat? The Italian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from.

The list below contains both male and female Italian names, their meaning as well as variations to choose from.




Abramo Father of many
Adagio Musical term which means slow
Adalberto Noble bright
Ademaro Wealth, fortune, fame
Adriano From Adria
Agosto Born in August
Alba White
Alberto Noble
Aldis Old one
Alfio White
Alfonso Ready for battle
Allegro Musical term which means cheerful
Alessio Defender
Amadeo Loved God
Amato Beloved
Anastagio Divine
Angelo Messenger of God
Antonino Highly praiseworthy
Armani Child of Armano
Armond Army man
Arnaldo Eagle
Arrigo Rules the estate
Bellini Little beautiful one
Belvedere Beautiful to see
Benito Blessed
Benvolio Good will
Bernardo Brave as a bear
Bianco White
Bosco Wood, little forest
Brando Fiery sword
Bravo Excellent
Brio With vivacity
Calvino Bald
Campari Alcoholic beverage made from
Capo Head, chief
Carlo Man
Carmine Song
Cedro Strong gift
Chianti Italian wine
Ciccio Honey, sugar
Ciro The sun
Clemente Mild, merciful
Constantino Steady, faithful
Cosimo Order, organised
Dario Possessing goodness
Da Vinci Italian scientist
Dino Little sword
Domenico Of the Lord
Donato Gift from God
Donte Lasting
Durante To last or endure
Edmundo Defense, protection
Edoardo Wealthy guardian
Elio Sun
Elmo Helmet
Elvio Blonde
Emiliano To work
Enrico Homeowner
Enzo Italian variation of Henry
Ermes Heap of stones
Ernesto Earnest
Ezio Eagle
Fabbro Ironworker
Fabio Bean grower
Fabrizio Craftsman
Faro Lighthouse
Fedele Of the faith
Federico Peaceful ruler
Filippo Friend of horses
Fiorello Little flower
Francesco From France
Franco Freedom
Gaetano From Gaeta
Gaia The earth
Galileo From Galilee
Gaspare Treasurer
Gattino Whiskers
Gatto Cat
Gavino White falcon
Gennaro January
Geno Well born

Gian God is gracious
Giancarlo John Charles
Gianni God is gracious
Gio Of George, farmer
Gioia Joy
Giorgio Farmer
Giosue The lord is my salvation
Giovanni God is gracious
Giuseppe He will add
Grigino Grey
Heronimo Sacred name
Hisidro Gift of Isis
Ilario Cheerful
Italo From Italy
Kosmo Order, organisation
Lamberto Son of Lambert
Lambrusco Italian red wine
Lazaro God is my helper
Lento Musical term which means slow
Leone Lion
Lorenzo From Laurentium
Luca Man from Luciana
Luciano Light
Ludovic Famous warrior
Luigi Famous warrior
Luna Moon
Macaroni A type of pasta
Maggio May
Mano Hand
Marcello Young warrior
Marco Of Mars, warlike
Mario Warlike
Maso Twin
Mateo Gift of God
Mattia Gift of God
Meo Son of Tolmei
Micio Kitty
Monte Mountain
Neri Deciding warrior
Nero Black
Niccolò Victory of the people
Nico Victory of the people
Nino Boy, little
Orasio Prayer
Orlando From glorious land
Orsino Bear
Otello Wealth, fortune
Ottavio Born eighth
Paolo Small
Pasquale Easter
Pepi Perseverant one
Pesto A sauce typically made from pesto
Pietro Rock
Pino Diminutive of Giuseppino
Presto Musical term which means very fast
Prime First
Primo First
Puccini Italian composer
Quinto Fifth
Rafaele God has healed
Remo Oarsman
Renato Born again
Renzo Third link
Riccardo Powerful leader
Ricco Rich
Rocco Earnest
Roche Rest
Rolando Fame, land
Romeo Pilgrim to Rome
Rossano Of Rosso, red
Rossini Of Rosso, red, Italian composer
Ruggero Valiant with a spear
Salvatore Saviour
Savario Splendent
Scirocco Warm wind
Sebastiano Revered
Secondo Second son
Sergio Servant
Sicilly Of Sicily
Stefano Victorious
Tasso Cup
Tempo Time
Terzo Third
Timeo Honor
Tommaso Twin
Tullio From the Tullius family
Tuscany Italian city
Ugo Of Hugo
Umberto Famous
Ursel Bear
Valentino Strength, health
Venezio Venice
Vito Life
Vivace Musical term for fast and lively
Vivaldi Italian composer
Zenzero Ginger




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