What is a Slonk Cat?

Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by Julia Wilson

What is a slonk cat?

A slonk cat is a long and slender cat and is essentially the opposite of the more widely used chonk, or overweight cat. As with most of these popular terms, it is hard to pinpoint the origins but the term is presumably a combination of slim or slender + long.

The most well-known slonk cats are the Siamese, Oriental, Foreign White, Havana, and Peterbald. These breeds have a slender body, and long legs and tail, which gives them a slinky appearance.

Seal point Siamese cat

What is the difference between a slonk and a chonk?

A slonk is a long, thin cat and a chonk is a chunky cat. Some breeds of cat such as the British Shorthair are naturally ‘chonky‘, while other cats are chonky due to weight issues.

Difference between slonk and chonk cats

Doggo and Catto Lingo

Absolute unitA large cat or dog
BlepWhen a cat leaves a small portion of its tongue sticking out
BoopA little tap on a cat or dog’s nose with your finger
Cat taxA requirement to post a photo of a cat
ChonkA chunky cat
FloofFluffy cat or dog
Hamb/hambinaA cat
MlemThe sound of the tongue as it moves in and out of the mouth
Nip nopsNipples
PeetsCat or dog feet
SlonkLong, slender cat
ThiccFat cat
Toe beansCat or dog toes
VoidA black cat