Cat Trivia Questions and Answers

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  • What is the term for a group of kittens?

    What is the term for a cat lover?

    • Phillipos
    • Ailurophile
    • Cynophile

    What is the name of the fold of skin (pouch) on the lower part of a cat’s ear? 

    • Baculum
    • Saccate
    • Henry’s pocket or cutaneous marginal pouch
    • Bursiform

    What is a group of cats called? 

    • Clowder
    • Kindle
    • Caravan
    • Fluffle

    What is a polydactyl cat? 

    • A tailless cat
    • A bald cat
    • A cat with short legs
    • A cat with extra toes

    What is another term for a polydactyl cat? 

    • Anderson cat
    • Faulkner cat
    • Hemingway cat
    • Gibson cat

    What is the largest breed of domestic cat?

    • Maine Coon
    • Egyptian Mau
    • Persian cat
    • Bengal

    What is the smallest breed of domestic cat? 

    • British Shorthair
    • Burmese
    • Devon Rex
    • Singapura

    Which breed of cat has short legs? 

    Answer: Munchkin (Genetta, Bambino, Napoleon, Kinkalow, Lambkin and Skookum are also correct)

    How did ancient Egyptians mourn the loss of a cat? 

    • Shave their eyebrows
    • Fast for a week
    • Make a monument
    • Build a shrine

    What is the longhaired equivalent of the Russian Blue?

    • Chartreux
    • Russian longhair
    • Nebelung
    • Korat

    What is the shorthaired equivalent of the Persian? 

    • Exotic
    • Shorthaired Persian
    • Himalayan
    • Chinchilla

    Which breed of cat is a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese? 

    • Ragdoll
    • Asian
    • Tonkinese
    • Burmilla

    What is the name for the bone in a cat’s penis? 

    • Baculum
    • Sacral
    • Manubrium
    • Pubis

    What is another term used to describe a black and white cat? 

    • Calico
    • Smoke
    • Tuxedo
    • Tortoiseshell

    Is it true that all ginger cats are male? 

    • True
    • False 

    Note: Female cats can also be ginger, but must inherit the O gene from both parents

    Name a breed of cat with curled ears? 

    • Scottish Fold, Elf, American Curl
    • Munchkin
    • Exotic
    • Ocelot

    What is an unneutered male cat known as?

    • Tom or Tomcat
    • Gilbert
    • Sam
    • Moggy

    What is a mother cat known as? 

    • Doe
    • Kindle
    • Queen (dam is also correct)
    • Molly

    Which breed of cat is known for its love of water? 

    • Turkish Angora
    • Turkish Van
    • Siamese
    • Devon Rex

    What was the punishment for killing a cat in ancient Egypt? 

    • Death
    • 50 lashes
    • Fine
    • Exile

    Which part of a cat is as unique as a fingerprint? 

    • Nosepad
    • Paw pad
    • Ears
    • Eyes

    What was the name of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s cat in the White House? 

    • Socks
    • Felix
    • Garfield
    • Tux

    How many whiskers does a cat have on each side of its face? 

    Answer: 12

    What was the name of the cat in Alice in Wonderland? 

    Answer: Cheshire Cat

    What breed of cat was the Cheshire Cat? 

    • British Shorthair
    • Siamese
    • Tabby
    • Moggy

    Name the oldest breed of cat from England

    • British Shorthair
    • Devon Rex
    • Cornish Rex
    • Burmilla

    What breed of cat is featured in The Lady and the Tramp? 

    • Siamese
    • Burmese
    • Tonkinese
    • Asian

    What is the earliest known ancestor of the domestic cat? 

    • Felis silvestris lybica
    • Asian leopard cat
    • Proailurus
    • Pseudaelurus

    Which breed of cat was crossed with the Asian Leopard Cat to create a new breed?

    • Ocicat
    • Ocilot
    • Savannah
    • Bengal

    What is the name of the first cloned cat? 

    • Dolly
    • CC
    • Eve
    • Allie

    Which of these cat breeds has long hair? 

    • Bengal
    • Balinese
    • Australian Mist
    • Singapura

    Name the pet cat of Hermonie Granger’s in Harry Potter

    • Crookshanks
    • Bangs
    • Demeter
    • Sprockets

    How many toes do cats have? 

    • 16
    • 18
    • 20
    • 22

    At what age does a kitten become an adult? 

    • 6 months
    • 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 14 months

    What type of gait pattern does the cat use when walking?

    • Direct register
    • Indirect register

    What is another name for a castrated (neutered) male cat? 

    • Tom
    • Boar
    • Grimalkin
    • Gib

    Which is the oldest cat breed? 

    • Siamese
    • Persian
    • Maine Coon
    • Egyptian Mau

    Cats can drink seawater

    • True
    • False

    What is the name of the cat in The Simpsons? 

    • Homer
    • Felix
    • Snowball
    • Garfield

    What is the loose flap of skin on a cat’s belly called? 

    • Spay sway
    • Primordial pouch
    • Belly bag
    • Belly flap

    A cymric is a longhaired?

    • Manx
    • Siamese
    • Burmese
    • Egyptian Mau

    Cats can taste sweet?

    • True
    • False

    How many chromosomes does a domestic cat have? 

    • 26
    • 30
    • 34
    • 38

    How many bones does a cat have?

    • 210
    • 220
    • 230
    • 240

    What is a blep?

    • When a cat leaves a portion of its tongue hanging out
    • When a cat jumps and misses its target
    • When a cat farts
    • When a cat winks at you

    A litter of kittens can have one or more fathers?

    • True
    • False

    Which coat colour is the Maneki neko (lucky cat) based on?

    • Tuxedo
    • Calico 
    • Black
    • White

    Almost all calico cats are female?

    • True
    • False

    What is allogrooming?

    • When a cat grooms itself
    • When a cat grooms another cat
    • When a cat grooms a person

    Which is the wild-type tabby pattern?

    What’s another name used to describe a three-legged cat? 

    • Tripod cat

    Which breed of cat is also known as a Gremlin cat? 

    • Tonkinese
    • Devon Rex
    • Cornish Rex
    • Sphynx

    Which is not a cat breed? 

    • Nebelung
    • Lykoi
    • Caliby
    • Khao Manee

    Which breed of cat closely resembles the Siamese without the pointed coat pattern? 

    • Oriental
    • Burmilla
    • Tiffanie
    • LaPerm

    Is a torbie a cat breed or coat colour/pattern?

    • Breed
    • Pattern

    Where is the Balinese cat from? 

    • Bali
    • UK/USA

    Which is the only part of the cat’s body able to sweat? 

    • Nose
    • Ears
    • Paw pads

    What is the LaPerm also known as? 

    • Sheep cat
    • Alpaca cat
    • Teddy bear cat

    What colour is the Korat cat? 

    • Grey
    • White
    • Black
    • Black and white


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