Cat-Themed Days (Cat-Related Holidays)- January to December 2018

Last Updated on January 5, 2021 by Julia Wilson


Every day is a special day when you share your home with a cat, but there are a number of days throughout the year which are dedicated to cats in one way or another.


2nd January – Happy Mew Year To Your Cats Day.

14th January – Dress Up Your Cat Day.

16th January – Change a Pet’s Life Day.

22nd January – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.


Pet Dental Health Month.

Responsible Pet Owner’s Month.

National Prevent A Litter Month.

Last Tuesday of February – World Spay Day.

14th February – Pet Theft Awareness Day.

20th February – Love Your Pet Day.


Third week of March – Poison Awareness Prevention Week.

3rd March – What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day.

8th March – World Kidney Day.

11th March – Napping Day.

17th March – Saint Gertrude’s Day (Patron Saint of Cats).

28th March – Respect Your Cat Day.


National Pet Month – (UK).

Heartworm Awareness Month.

Pet First Aid Awareness Month.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

Last Friday of April – Hairball awareness Day.

Last Saturday of April – World Veterinary Day.

4th April – World Stray Animals Day.

6th April – National Siamese Cat Day – (US).

11th April – National Pet’s Day – (US).

19th April – Pet Owner’s Day.

26th April – Kids and Pets Day.

26th April – Hairball Awareness Day.

28th April – World Veterinary Day.

30th April – Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and National Tabby Day (US).


Chip Your Pet Month.

National Pet Month – (US).

Arthritis Month.

Lung Health Awareness Month.


Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Adopt a Cat Month.

Social PETworking Month.

First week of June – Pet Appreciation Week.

4th June – Hug Your Cat Day.

12th June – World Pet Memorial Day.

15th June – World Catnip Awareness Day.


10th July – National Kitten day (US)

15th July – Pet Fire Safety Day.

21st July – Craft For Your Shelters Day.


Third Saturday of August – Homeless Animals Day.

6 – 13th August – Dental Health Week.

8th August – International Cat Day.

15th August – Check the Chip Day.

16th August – International Homeless Animals Day.

17th August – Black Cat Appreciation Day.

22nd August – Take Your Cat to the Vet Day.

28th August – Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.


Happy Cat Month.

Second Sunday in September – Pet Memorial Day.

Third week in September – Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day.

1st September – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.

24 – 30 September – National Eye Health Week (UK).

28th September – World Rabies Day.

29th September – Beckoning Cat Day.


Second Wednesday of October – Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

1st October – CATober (universal birthday of shelter cats).

14 – 20th October – National Veterinary Technicians Week (US).

4th October – World Animal Day.

16th October – World Feral Cat Day.

16th October – Global Cat Day.

29th October – National Cat Day (US).

30th October – National Black Cat Day (US).


Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

Pet Diabetes Month.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

First week of November – National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (US).

1st November – Cook for Your Pets Day.

17th November – National Black Cat Day (Italy).


Cat Lover’s Month.

5th December – International Volunteers Day.

15th December – Cat Herders Day.

Note: I have taken the liberty of including some general health days (such as national eye health week), because they can serve as important reminders about our own cat’s health.

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