Why Do Cats Carry Their Kittens By The Scruff

Mother cat carrying kitten

Newborn kittens are altricial, which means they are born completely helpless and unable to move around on their own and do not start to walk until the third week of life. This is a sharp contrast to precocial animals such as horses, deer, sheep, gazelles,  who are born in an advanced state and able to stand and run (from danger) within an hour of birth.

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Six Signs A Cat Needs More Attention

Six signs a cat wants more attention

At a glance Excessive meowing Knocking things over Winding themselves around your legs Sitting on your laptop, book, in front of the television Pawing at or climbing on you Scratching furniture Cats have a reputation for being independent and self-sufficient, while there is some truth to that, as living, breathing, feeling animals, cats still need … Read more Six Signs A Cat Needs More Attention

How To Keep Cats Away From Your Property

Keeping cats away

Not everybody wants to have a cat visit their garden or home. Feline visitors can fight with or disrupt cats who live on the property, kill native animals and go to the toilet in the garden, which can potentially transmit parasites such as toxoplasmosis, roundworm and hookworm. All cats are territorial, and a visiting cat can cause the resident cat stress, which can manifest as spraying in an attempt to define boundaries.

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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

Mother cat grooming her kitten

Mutual grooming (allogrooming) is a common behaviour among many species of animal in which one animal grooms the other. Allogrooming starts immediately after birth when the mother cat (queen) chews the umbilical cord, licks her kittens to stimulate breathing and dry them, then eats the placenta. The mother continues to groom her kittens for several … Read more Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

Socialisation Window For Kittens

Socialisation window of kittens

The early weeks of the kitten’s life are essential for them to learn about their environment, become socialised with people and learn species-specific behaviour. This socialisation window (also known as socialisation period) occurs between 2-7 weeks when the kitten is most receptive to a wide range of stimuli that can lay down the groundwork for how the kitten responds to people and situations for the rest of his or her life. During the socialisation period, the kitten should be exposed to situations which will be a part of their everyday life. This includes interactions with people, pets, veterinarians as well as environmental enrichment. Kittens who are socialised during this critical period have a better chance of growing up into well-adjusted adults.

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Why Do Cats Have Elongated (Elliptical) Pupils?

Why do cats have slit pupils?

The pupils are the black hole in the centre of the eye, which dilate (widen) and constrict (narrow) to control the amount of light which hits the retina at the back of the eye.  A study published by Science Advances explains why pupil shapes can range in shape from vertical, horizontal and circular and their ecological niche. The study looked at 214 species of land animal and three pupil shapes; vertical, horizontal and round.

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