Korean Female Cat Names (With Meanings)

Female Korean cat names

Korea is a region in southeast Asia divided into two countries, North Korea and South Korea with a combined population of approximately 76 million people.

We have created this list of common Korean words, famous people and deities to help you find the perfect female Korean name for your cat.

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200+ Vintage Cat Names and Their Meanings: Male and Female

Vintage cat names

Vintage cat names and meanings. Are you looking for a unique vintage name for a new cat? We have collated a list of classic vintage names. Name Meaning Gender Abraham Father of multitudes Male Ada Nobility Female Adela Noble or serene Female Adelaide Noble Female Agnes Pure Female Albert Noble, bright Male Alfie Counsel Male … Read more

200+ Russian Cat Names for Male and Female Cats

Russian cat names

Are you looking for a Russian themed cat name, or have you adopted a Russian cat and want to pay homage to its origins? The Russian language is one of the most beautiful languages with a huge number of potential cat names to choose from.

The list below contains both male and female Russian names, their meaning as well as variations to choose from.

Russia is home to a number of well-known cat breeds which includes the Russian Blue, Toybob, Kurilian bobtail, Siberian, Donskoy, Peterbald and Neva Masquerade.

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