Breeds of Cat – With Pictures

Abyssinian Shorthair Active, curious, intelligent, outgoing.
American Bobtail Short and Medium/longhair Intelligent, playful, loyal, easy to train
American Curl Shorthair and Longhair Mischievous, playful, energetic, friendly, intelligent.
American Shorthair Shorthair Friendly, intelligent, independent, good-natured.
American Wirehair Shorthair Friendly, sweet, affectionate, intelligent.
Australian Mist Shorthair Active, playful, friendly.
Australian Tiffanie Longhair Quiet, loyal, inquisitive, friendly.
Balinese Longhair Loyal, extrovert, energetic, graceful, affectionate.
Bengal Shorthair Active, playful, agile, intelligent, outgoing, likes water.
Birman Longhaired Inquisitive, playful, intelligent, friendly

Bombay Shorthair Friendly, outgoing, gentle, confident, playful.

British Shorthair Shorthair Quiet, calm, gentle, intelligent, independent, affectionate.

Burmese Shorthair Lovable, loyal, playful, placid, great family pet.

Burmilla Shorthair Playful, friendly, affectionate, gentle, quiet.

California Spangled Cat Shorthair Personable, active, intelligent, athletic.
Chartreux Shorthair Good-natured, friendly, playful, confident, quiet, devoted, gentle.

Chausie Shorthair Intelligent, active, athletic, gets on well with people.

Cheetoh Shorthair Lively, intelligent, playful, active.

Chinchilla Longhair Easygoing, sweet-natured, affectionate, gentle, quiet, intelligent.
Cornish Rex Shorthair Energetic, friendly, likes to be up high, extrovert, intelligent, inquisitive.

Devon Rex Shorthaired Energetic, friendly, love cuddles, like high places (shoulders, cupboards etc)

Egyptian Mau Shorthaired Good-tempered, agile, affectionate, loyal, active.

Exotic Shorthaired Placid, gentle, intelligent, inquisitive.

Foreign White Shorthair Devoted, talkative, graceful, intelligent, loyal, mischievous.
German Rex Shorthair Affectionate, loving, playful, intelligent, active.

Havana Intelligent, active, playful, outgoing.
Himalayan Longhaired Easygoing, sweet-natured, affectionate, gentle, quiet, loyal, intelligent.
Japanese Bobtail Shorthair and Longhair Friendly, intelligent, affectionate, playful, confident, inquisitive.

Javanese Cat Longhair Devoted, talkative, graceful, intelligent, loyal, mischievous.
Korat Shorthaired Intelligent, quiet, inquisitive, gentle, agile, affectionate.

LaPerm Cat Longhaired Gentle, sweet-natured, loving, loyal.

Longhaired Burmilla Longhaired Playful, laid back, affectionate.

Maine Coon Longhair Hardy, gentle, loving, confident, playful, intelligent, good-tempered.

Munchkin Shorthair & Longhair
Nebelung Cat Quiet, reserved, calm, affectionate, intelligent.
Norwegian Forest Cat Longhair Sturdy, intelligent, confident, quiet, strong, mischievous, affectionate.

Ocicat Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Friendly, affectionate, loyal, playful.

Longhair Easygoing, sweet-natured,
affectionate, gentle, quiet, intelligent.

Short and long Playful, inquisitive, reasonably
active, personable.

Longhair Gentle, sweet-natured,
intelligent, laid back.

Longhair Relaxed, gentle, quiet, loyal,

Russian Blue
Shorthair Quiet, shy, intelligent,
reserved, placid, elegant, loyal, sensitive.

Scottish Fold
Longhair and shorthair Affectionate, alert, intelligent,
sweet, curious.

Selkirk Rex
Shorthair & Longhair Friendly, playful, relaxed.

Devoted, talkative, graceful,
intelligent, loyal, mischievous.

Longhair Quiet, hardy, affectionate,
relaxed, gentle.


Shorthair Loving, gentle, affectionate,
inquisitive, happy.

Shorthair Affectionate, playful, energetic.

Outgoing, energetic, playful,

Hairless, although they do have a peachy
Loving, sociable, affectionate,


Inquisitive, friendly,
mischievous, active, sociable, outgoing.

Turkish Angora
Medium to longhair Intelligent, sociable, sweet,

Turkish Van
Medium Affectionate, independent,
sociable, friendly, intelligent, likes water.

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